Land Survey

We are engaged in providing highly functional surveying services. Our land survey works include All kind of surveys. To carry out these surveys in an efficient and well organized manner, we utilize advanced land survey instruments. Services are conducted by of our professional and experienced team.

 Road Survey

✔ Airport NOC Survey

✔ Power line Survey

✔ Total Station Survey

✔ DGPS Survey

✔ Pipeline Survey

✔ Traffic Survey 

 Topographical Survey

✔ Contour Survey

✔ Quantity Survey

✔ Earthwork Cutting Filling Volume Calculation

✔ Stock Survey

✔ L section, X section

 Topographical Survey

✔ Contour Survey

✔ Quantity Survey

✔ Earthwork Cutting Filling Volume Calculation

✔ Stock Survey

✔ L section, X section

 Building Survey

✔ Cadastral Survey

✔ Construction Survey

✔ Boundary Survey

✔ Property Survey

✔ Setting out Survey/Demarking Survey

✔ Mining Survey

Advance Survey

✔ GIS Survey

✔ LIDAR Survey

✔ Geological Survey

✔ Geotechnical Survey

GIS & Remote Sensing

GIS Mapping 

✔ GIS Data Capture

✔ Satellite Image Data Procurement

✔ GIS Data Collection

✔ GIS Survey / Mapping


✔ Digitization / Map Creation

✔ Satellite Image Data Processing and Digitization /Vectorization

✔ Drone data capture and processing

GIS Data Management

✔ GIS Data Conversion

✔ GIS Data Processing

✔ Remote sensing

✔ Photogrammetry

✔ Professional GIS Training

Advance GIS

✔ 3D Modelling

✔ Data Visualization Spatial Data Analysis

✔ Research

✔ Feasibility analysis

✔ Implementation and management of GIS in Project 


✔ Customized GIS Solutions

✔ SDSS (Spatial Decision Supportive System)

✔ Desktop based

✔ Web based Cloud based

✔ Mobile Based

✔ System Integration

Geological Services

Mineral exploration is a sequential process of information gathering that assesses the mineral potential of a given area. It starts with an idea or geologic model that identifies lands worthy of further exploration. Suitable target areas may then be staked as mineral claims to secure the mineral.

Geo consulting

✔ Consulting for Prospecting License (PL)            

✔ Consulting for Mining License Report (ML)        

✔ Mining Survey             

✔ Mining Mapping         

✔ Mineral Resource Reservoir Estimation            

✔ Reconnaissance Studies          

✔ Oil , Gas and Mineral Exploration        

✔ Mining Plan  

Hydro Geological Services

✔ Ground Water Exploration for Industrial quantum

✔ Ground Water Exploration for Agriculture

✔ Consulting for Central Ground Water Authority – CGWA  NOC

✔ Geophysical survey for Recharge wells

✔ Aquifer mapping

✔ Hydrographic studies

✔ Water shade Analysis

Legal Advisory

✔ Technical Feasibility study for Mines and Minerals     

✔ Geological Feasibility study for Mines and Minerals       

✔ Environmental Clearance and Feasibility study for Mines and Minerals                 

✔ Consulting for procurement, renewal, revoke suspension of Mining licenses

Information Technology

Technology Consulting for Development Technology in Projects

Customized Development 

✔ Customized GIS Solutions  

✔ Spatial Decision Supportive System (SDSS)

✔ Project Management Systems (PMS)

✔ Data Collection Systems (DCS)

Customized Development 

Desktop based Application Development

Web based Cloud based Application Development

Mobile Based Application Development

Market Survey

Data Collection

✔ Door to door data collection

✔ POI data collection

✔ Hyperlocal Data Collection

✔ Market Data collection

✔ Product position survey

✔ Brand Research Services

✔ Market Research Survey

✔ Consumer Survey

✔ Online Market Research

Market survey

✔ Qualitative Survey

✔ Quantitative Survey

✔ Competitor Position

✔ Business Analysis

✔ Syndicated Research

✔ SWOT Analysis

Data Analysis

✔ Market Sizing Research Services

✔ Industry Analysis

✔Market Feasibility Study

Our Tools & Technology


✔ Drones

✔ Lidar drones

✔ Fix wing Drones


✔ Total stations




✔ Range Finder

Hydrographic Instruments for Underwater


✔ Echo Sounders

✔ Sub Bottom Profiler (SBP)


✔ Resistivity meter

✔ Ground Penetrating Radar  (GPR)

Providing Solutions to following Fields and area

Roads & building

✔ Defense

✔ Irrigation

✔ Municipalities

✔ Marine

✔ Construction Companies

✔ NGOs

✔ Civil and Mechanical companies

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