Remote Sensing

satellite Image Interpretation

We have expertise core team having experience of processing the raw data to final product. The dealing, correcting , extracting the information and derive the results and outputs  with different types of image data requires scientific and systematic approach. we provide all the solution from data procurement to final mapping and reporting. we work over various data like ,RADARSAT ,IKONOS,GEOEYE, Rapid Eye,IRS series,CARTOSAT,RISAT. OceanSAT.

Satellite image procurement

We analyze the area of interest of project. We discuss the project process and then we advise to client which satellite data product and spatial, temporal, radiometric resolutions is suitable for project. We offer consulting for satellite data procurement from various agencies like NRSC, Antrix Corporation, GeoEye TM , DigitalGlobeTM etc.

Digital Image Processing and Satellite Image Mapping

Digital image processing is one of our core technology offerings.  We also offer innovative techniques and processes to obtain needed information from imagery as well as the development and integration of image processing algorithms with software into a user’s work environment. Our advanced image processing techniques can include image assessment,image classification filtering, change detection, mosaic , 2D and 3D visualization, automated feature extraction, and automated quality assessment.

  • Satellite imagery interpretation and classification
  • Classification-supervised and unsupervised
  • Change detection
  • Slope aspect analysis
  • Land cover classification
  • Coastal ecosystem management
  • Forestry mapping
  • Agricultural mapping
  • Mining and geology mapping
  • Environmental impact assessment mapping
  • Cluster data  planning
  • Watershed management